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During STRN6 INTERVIEW with Emmanuel Lafont, the artist detailed how his own identity influences his art, featuring elements such as emotional depth; personality development throughout the creative process; receptivity to others; and the significance of his dreams. He also explained the symbolism related to color choices, fantasy themes, and collage techniques.

Where is the line between fantasy and reality in your creative process?

It does not exist! Even in the most hyper-realistic works, there is always fantasy doing its thing. I love mixing both worlds.


Could you describe any surrealist influences or techniques that have organically emerged in your work, and how they contribute to the overall aesthetic or conceptual framework?

I love working with my own dreams. What 's more! I have a diary where I write down my most curious dreams. Furthermore, collage carries surrealism hand in hand because you basically decontextualize elements to introduce them into a new world... where scales and space are transformed! And not to mention the symbolism! That each element represents something deeper... is a true pleasure that I play with every time I get into the studio! M. C. Escher, Magritte, Italo Calvino, Borges, Abbott, Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington, Lucian Freud…They all live in my personal imagination!


How open are you to the influence of other personalities on your creativity?

Although socially I am a fairly solitary person, it is undeniable that the vision of other people and artists have always influenced my work. I really enjoy discovering how other artists work on the same theme!


How did your experience working as a cultural manager influence your work?

Unquestionably, the field of management helps you connect with many people whom you would not have reached otherwise. It enriches you on a personal and professional level. You have access to many other artists from whom you can learn and with whom you can start new projects.

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