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In December 2023, Anna Somova, co-founder of Saturn Six Gallery,  traveled to China with the aim of becoming involved in its contemporary art scene, known locally by the term ‘dangdai yishu’. 


The country has experienced remarkable economic growth and rapid cultural changes in recent decades as it progresses into the future. Anna grasped the pulse of this dynamic landscape by engaging with independent curators, gallerists, and auctioneers. Her exploration spanned iconic art hubs like Beijing's Art District 798, Shanghai's M50, mega-galleries in Hong Kong, artists' studios, and the Poly Auction in Beijing.

Power Station of Art, Shanghai

Visiting Art Galleries, Beijing

798 Art Zone, Beijing

M50 Art District, Shanghai

She expressed her impressions as follows:

‘Chinese artists have indeed generated a specific energy, committed as they are to breaking the boundaries of art for contemporary China, and to extending their artistic and cultural understandings to the rest of the world’.


The Bund, Shanghai


Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Saturn Six Gallery, ever keen on expanding its horizons, viewed Asia as a destination for cultural exchange and commerce. Our primary objective was to assess the readiness of the industry to accept the STRN6 artists and discover ways for expansion in this country.


The journey not only provided a fresh different perspective on the Chinese art sector but also facilitated potential collaborations. Co-founder identified significant growth opportunities for both the gallery and its artists through participation in fairs and auctions within Asia.

Meeting with STRN6 Chinese creators during the trip established a personal connection and understanding of their core artistic identity.The encounters prepared the ground for future international interactions.


The visit allowed Saturn Six Gallery to sense the essence of represented artists:  


‘I wanted to feel what they do, what they breathe, how they work, the mediums they use. But mostly - to feel and understand their personality and culture’.


Anna Somova and Jane UI walking in Beijing


798 Art Zone, Beijing

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