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Jane Ui, the Chinese artist, sees photography as a chance to capture unpredictable moments, break down subjects into details, and enable viewers to perceive them fully.

She incorporates materials with complex textures into her work to unleash the whole potential of form in space. With their play, light dynamizes the figure and expands its boundaries, while color gives a unique aura to the shell.


Concentrating on one object, Jane reveals to the viewer its aspects invisible to the usual eye. Exploring reality through photography as a means of studying the contradiction between form and content, the artist relies on her direct intuitive response to a specific experience. As a result Ui’s photographs emerge from a perspective of what she describes as ‘subjective consciousness’: Jane’s work is always her self-expression and an opportunity for the viewer to reflect on their own feelings and perceptions.

Ui's approach seeks to portray reality in its inherent aesthetic form. Through her lens, the artist finds the way to sense the world and to transport her view to others. Since photography is a media that implies a direct examination of the figure, an intersubjective dialogue takes place through Jane's artworks, when everyone interprets it in their own way.

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