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Held annually in March, Hong Kong Art Week draws art enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. This vibrant event transforms the region into a dynamic platform for the promotion and celebration of various art forms. It encompasses art fairs, exhibitions, gallery showcases, public installations, discussions, and cultural activities. 


Anna Somova, co-founder of Saturn Six Gallery, visited Hong Kong during Art Week and shared her insights from the trip. 


Ustina Yakovleva shares insights into her artistic principles through the prism of her worldview. Since Ustina’s embroidery works demand a lot of time and labor, the artist details how she prepares herself for the creation and how the process then develops in relation to her personal state. Yakovleva also clarifies the preference for folklore crafts as the basis of her art, describing the Russian North’s belief system and their contemporary relevance. In addition, Ustina illustrates the influence from respectful observation and awareness of natural processes on her work.

Sergey Blagodetelev delves into the intricate mathematical foundations of his installations, clarifying their complexity. He also reflects conceptual dimensions such as time, dramaturgy and interdependence. The artist articulates his vision for live performance and offers insight into own creative philosophy.

Dynamic leading-edge atmosphere of Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai drives advancements in contemporary art and sets the conditions necessary for its progress. Saturn Six Team visited studios and interacted with artists, to recognize the resonance of new creative frontiers.

In a conversation with Saturn Six, Tonya Drozdova unveiled many aspects of her personality and art, shedding light on her life values and how she incorporates them into her works.



On September 8, 2023 were held the opening of the joint exhibition 'STRN6 MNTNGR23' by artists Malcolm Roxs and Valentin Tszin at the Center of Culture - The capital city of Cetinje, Montenegro.

The collaboration between Radevic Estate Wines and Malcolm Roxs culminated in a limited edition collection, dedicated to the latest exhibition of artist ‘Plane to Saturn’. Roxs painted with an airbrush individual artworks on each Vranac wine wooden box. The synergy between Radevic Wines and Malcolm Roxs tells a unique story in each box, where every sip becomes a captivating experience, enveloped in the spirit of Montenegrin beauty.

In a conversation with Saturn Six, the Chinese sculptor Crystal 77 discusses the features of sculpture as a medium, the presence of the supernatural, and her exploration of human existence in her works.


On July 28, 2023 were held the opening of the first solo exhibition ‘Plane to Saturn’ by artist Malcolm Roxs, featuring a serie of new Airbrush paintings and ceramics completed in his studio in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro.

'STRN6 MNTNGR23' is a joint exhibition of two artists, Malcolm Roxs and Valentin Tszin, who are brought together by the common theme of abstraction and the essence of human existence and body.

Artists: Malcolm Roxs l Valentin Tszin

Location: Centar za kulturu Prijestonice Cetinje

Date: 08.09.2023

We interviewed Jane Ui, an artist who recently joined Saturn Six Gallery. She revealed to us many aspects of her work, such as the philosophy of Benedict Croce, inspiration from women-photographers, self-expression and much more.


On July 28, 2023 were held the opening of the first solo exhibition ‘Plane to Saturn’ by artist Malcolm Roxs, featuring a serie of new Airbrush paintings and ceramics completed in his studio in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro.


Valentin Tszin

On the occasion of Saturn Six Film Project, Valentin Tszin has created a playlist of music he listens to. Ranging in genre from classical to rock and electronic, the selection features composers and musicians such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Kangding Ray, Rammstein, and Frederic Chopin. The ten tracks are expansive, rhythmically hypnotic, or just generally dreamy — sharing a meditative quality with Valentin's artwork.

IMG_8355 2.JPG

Post-island visit, Malcolm Roxs found inspiration for the creation of a new ceramic artwork. In an interview, he shared insights gained from the journey with Saturn Six.

Artwork: MMLAISLND623 

Artist: Malcolm Roxs 

Location: Mamula Island 

Date: 31.06.2023

Malcolm Roxs

Malcolm Roxs has created ‘Plane To Saturn' playlist of twelve tracks on Spotify, featuring musicians such as Alva Noto, Brian Eno, Alan Vega, among others. 

This playlist shares the title of his upcoming exhibition in Montenegro, which embodies the artist's new life chapter and his allure towards futuristic reflection.


Solo exhibition 'Plane to Saturn' by Malcolm Roxs.

Artist: Malcolm Roxs 

Location: Dukley European Art Community

Date: 28.07.2023

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