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We are pleased to announce our first exhibition Plane to Saturn showcasing the monochrome paintings and ceramics of Argentinian artist Malcolm Roxs.


The subjects of his paintings transmit autobiographical codes, representing the artist's personal life journey and experiences that emerge from paints, technology, masking and take shape through manual and airbrush techniques with complex layering processes. Drawing inspiration from Tullio Crali's aero-painting, the Futurist movement, and nude art, this collection presents a series of works created during the artist's visit to Montenegro.


In "Plane to Saturn", Roxs explores a new chapter in his artistic evolution: this exhibition is a testament to his personal growth and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. The title symbolizes movement, freedom, and the exploration of new horizons.


We invite you to be transported to new dimensions and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Malcolm Roxs and experience the journey.


Opening date: 

28 July 



Dukley European Art Community

Harmonija building, Zavala peninsula, Budva

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