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Sergey Blagodetelev is Russian media artist known for his research-focused and experimental approach, converting the principles of a new media technology into creative expression.


At the crossroads of art, science, and technology, he employs programming and mathematical methods to produce innovative visualizations of the invisible world. Blagodetelev’s information objects, live audio/visual performances, LED and laser installations exhibit diverse virtual and physical configurations .

Sergey developed software called 'Data Synthesizer', based on natural recursive algorithms. The interface generates digital waves through addition, multiplication, filtering, and modification of numerous parameters. The manipulated waves are then simultaneously channeled into sonic and photic streams, resulting in a synthesis of random and interdependent impulses.

The conventional experience of time and space is challenged by the synergy of sound and light essence. In unveiling what was once elusive to the human sensory perception, this innovative soundscape aesthetic introduces a dynamic perspective on the environment, inviting exploration and discovery.

Blagodetelev’s works have been showcased at renowned festivals, landmarks, art spaces, theaters and museums, including Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Gamma Festival, Russian Contemporary Art Week in Berlin, among many others.

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