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Malcolm Roxs is an Argentinian artist and performer, creator of “Demolition painting show", born in 1980, Buenos Aires.


The subjects of his paintings transmit autobiographical codes, representing the artist's personal life journey and experiences that emerge from paints, technology, masking and take shape through manual and airbrush techniques with complex layering processes. Malcolm draws inspiration from the modernism, futurism, and avant-garde movements, acknowledging their radical potential for painting. 


In addition to creating works in the studio, Malcolm Roxs is known for his live painting performances. Through the transformative movements of his hands, the power of sound and stage energy, he brings forms and shapes onto canvas. "Le Demolition" show represents  his vision, centered around the concept of destruction as a means to forge something new. This multidisciplinary approach to art adds an extra experience that is visually and emotionally hypnotizing. 


Over the last years, Malcolm Roxs showcasted his artworks and performances at 

renowned institutions and events such as the Stedelijk Museum,  Maccio Theatre,  Art Monaco, and the Goya Exhibition. 

Download selected works history 

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