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Montenegro, September 2023 

The exhibition unfolds as a dynamic exploration of artistic constraints, embracing such aspects as combination of creative forces, the elusive nature of performance and the existence of art beyond the traditional canvas. Interacting with each other, the presented works not only reveal the material essence of artistic media but also accentuates the body as a profound and intentional creative tool.

On September 8, 2023, the opening of the joint exhibition 'STRN6 MNTNGR23' by Malcolm Roxs and Valentin Tszin took place at the Center of Culture - The capital city of Cetinje, Montenegro, sets the recipients into the scene of the performance process that was made by both artists.

Reflecting the long lasting conversation between Malcolm Roxs and Valentin Tszin, the exhibition shapes the strength of their synergy. The personal style of Malcolm suggests a vivid portrayal of faces and emphasizes the use of bold gestures and high-energy artistic expression, generated through the power of colors, lights, music and his emotional state. Tszin stands out for the subdued and introspective form of the movement, based on a strong inner expressionism, paying close attention to execution and experimental technique. The combination of their different approaches results in a unique visual experience, activating the recipient's senses and encouraging self-reflection. The exhibition functions as a cohesive entity, with its components mutually influencing each other. At the core of the exhibition is a triptych painting ‘Untitled’ made during the performance, which became a record of both the creative process and the person's presence, conveying a sense of movement within the artwork itself. By guiding Valentin as a brush and directing his movements, Malcolm explored the relationship between the physical self and medium. Bearing resemblance to the concept of anthropometry, where the human body's measurements and proportions play a significant role in artistic expression, patterns formed by Valentin became a fundamental element of this interplay. The entire process of setting up and executing the performance was documented through photos and a video, which presents exploratory rather than narrative content. Completing the triptych with the geometrical figures, Malcolm Roxs correlated it with the ‘SHRK8623’ painting made in Airbrush technique where abstract shapes transmit the essence of our cruel reality. The aesthetic of work formation revealed in ‘performance painting’ expands on the series of Malcolm’s ‘CLN’ series on paper that imprint an Airbrush cleaning process. Studying the materiality of the medium, Roxs emphasizes aspects that are considered beyond creation, and develops independent art objects from them. Capturing the significance of the remnants and residual elements of a creative process, the artist sees them as sources of inspiration and authenticity. As Malcolm says: “When I clean my Airbrush, it conjures ghostly blurry images, and I particularly enjoy how this initial spark on paper evolves into a series.”




Installation Views

Featured Works

Featured Film

Showcasing video art performance by Malcolm Roxs and Valentin Tszin.   

The entire process of setting up and executing the performance was documented through photos and a videos, which presents exploratory rather than narrative content. 

The driving force behind the work is the active participation of the audience in contemplating the film's construction. 

Malcolm Roxs 

Airbrush, acrylic on canvas 

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