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Distinguished for her expressive works, Crystal77 is a Chinese sculptor born in Amoy, China, in 2000. She currently lives and works in Hangzhou, China. Studying Sculpture and Public Art in CAA, Crystal has been awarded with British Ecology Design Award 2022.


With a deep connection to her personality and integrating Oriental and European approaches, she masterfully expresses her inner world through sculpture. Crystal’s choice of this artistic medium is based on the ability of viewers to objectively perceive ideas with all the senses, since the figures themselves occupy space and allow them to feel their presence.


Characterized by simultaneously abstract and figurative shapes, sculptor’s visual language includes different forms: geometric and fragile, undulating and energetic, representing the human body, they intertwine, destroy each other or break boundaries. Solidly and delicately carved, her sculptures produce a powerful effect through the spatial configuration of the whole image. 


The relation between body and soul as a fundamental theme in Crystal’s oeuvre. Both fluid and balanced, her sculptures are a reflection on the intervention of the spiritual in human existence, intended to be a brick to eternity. Freezing in time, they seem to invite to the mediation about the supernatural.

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