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Artist - Valentin Tszin
Artist - Valentin Tszin

Valentin Tszin is a director, butoh dancer, performer, actor and dance researcher. He authored “Das Gegenteil: 101 ways of existence”, a performative format based on a method of artistic research he developed. One of the brightest visionaries of the contemporary dance scene, he brought rave culture, techno music and digital art into the world of Japanese butoh anti-dance and physical theatre.


With over 50 stage performances and dozens of movies, Valentin Tszin has performed at festivals (Atonal Berlin, CTM, Today's Art, Athens Biennale), collaborated with fashion brands (Trippen, Obscur), performed at the opening of Dominion Tower in Moscow (Zaha Hadid) and created pieces and workshops with key figures of the butoh scene (Ko Murobushi, Carlotta Ikeda, Akaji Maro and Dairakudakan, Yukio Waguri, Masaki Iwana and others).


His pedagogical work includes international masterclasses and teaching at Berlin’s Universität der Künste. His transdisciplinary artistic approach highlights the interconnections of dance, architecture, film, theatre, contemporary art and new media. He aims at fluidity in collective creations. In his physical performances he explores the limits of body and mind and bridges gaps between individual perception, bodily sensations and mental states.

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