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                    MARCH  2024

STRN6 KRSH23 is a project, designed by Saturn Six Gallery in remote sites to provide an encounter with the practice of two artists, Malcolm Roxs and Sergey Blagodetelev. Each of them was given a cargo within which an individual art display had to be created. Thus, Malcolm and Sergey were placed in a limited framework with the goal of artistically transcending its boundaries. Video documentation reconstructs the entire context, establishing a telepresence for an audience all over the world. The core of the project revolves around an interpretation of reality by each artist.


In the white cargo, Blagodetelev unveils his understanding of existence as a unity of contrasting yet complementary forces. Through the artwork “Two Common Parts”, he visualize the concept of duality: The components of the installation build a synergy, symbolizing the contradictory layers of human experience such as the conscious and unconscious, the analytical and the creative, the pragmatic and the spiritual.

Roxs' installation "The Ascension" is a testament to the limitless potential of imagination as a fundamental aspect of existence. He pays homage to Joseph Beuys and Konstantin Tsiolkovksy as two groundbreakers of their fields, cosmonautics and art. Recognizing their roles in expanding human consciousness, Malcolm aims to blur the lines between reality and fiction within his black cargo.

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