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We are excited to introduce the exhibition 'STRN6 MNTNGR23' showcasing joint creations of two artists, Malcolm Roxs and Valentin Tszin, who are brought together by the common theme of abstraction and the essence of human existence and body. The difference between their approaches, Valentin’s investigation into the limits of the body and consciousness and Malcolm’s expressive style that communicates his inner state, creates a deep synesthetic experience.


With a history of common projects, the artists met this time in Montenegro to capture performance on canvas. The exhibition is a documentary of this collaboration, in which Valentin, directed by Malcolm, paints with his body on a canvas. Both, photographs and video, complement the paintings with strong narrative, shifting restlessly between abstract and figurative modes. 


The power of this synergy breaks out of the ‘Untitled’ triptych made during the performance and extends to the entire space of the gallery. Exploring the relationship between the body and artistic media, the presentation of this collaborative work could be perceived as an extension of Klein’s anthropometry and Kazuo Shiraga’s dynamic 'performance paintings'. It can also be traced back to the theme of human existence and the expressiveness for which Hermann Nitsch is known. 


Starting from September 8th, the Centar za kulturu Prijestonice Cetinje will host the exhibition. Entry is complimentary, and the public is welcome to attend.


Opening date: 

8 September 2023 



Centar za kulturu Prijestonice Cetinje

Dvorski Trg 1 Cetinje

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