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The creation of Tonya Drozdova is influenced through her experience as a photographer and 3D designer which distincted her way of seeing and approach to the artistic process. 

Investigating the matter, Tonya uses 3D technology tools to produce visually captivating compositions structured by the geometrical forms, symmetries and ratios. Working with the decomposition of directions and objects to the smallest units, she examines the complex way art exists in the informational environment and generates a process in which the digital dimension takes a tangible shape. By strategically placing light and shadow, the artist employs techniques that manipulate the perception of space and shape, engaging with the work on multiple sensory levels in innovative ways. The aesthetic character of her creation is based on the principles of extreme reduction, minimum and computerization, reflecting epochal changes in the understanding of the material dimension. 

The modern information age has fundamentally changed the perception of reality, which has become like a complex network managed by the totality of interconnected, communicative, and media-driven experiences. In this new paradigm, the traditional materiality, consisting of physical elements and interactions, has been obscured by the abstract nature of the virtual world. And the works of Tonya become a mediator between these two dimensions. 

By analyzing objects, she thereby probes the construct of the self, looking to her life for the primary material of art. Being profoundly connected to an inner state, which Tonya has the ability to evaluate and follow, the artist sublimates her past experiences and emotions into creative expression.

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